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This website includes an informative section, as well as a series of interactive applications.

Interactive applications of this website are considered to be those applications offered on or via the Unimobility website, by which the visitor to this website can fill in specific data and which, after automated processing of the data entered by the visitor, enable him to obtain specific results. An example of this is the Uniwheels application. As the visitor completes the data himself, Unimobility has no possibility to check the accuracy of the data.

The publications, information and interactive applications on this website are published for information purposes only, regardless of whether these data originate from Unimobility itself or from third parties selected by Unimobility. Unimobility has taken the greatest possible care with the content of the information and data made available and with the results of automatic processing and regularly adapts this website. If the data or applications do not originate from Unimobility itself, third parties deemed sufficiently reliable by the company are used. Nevertheless, Unimobility does not give any explicit or implicit guarantee as to the completeness, correctness and actuality of the data, applications and results of any automatic processing communicated to the visitor.

The provisions of these "general terms and conditions and information" do not apply to the services governed by the provisions of such a specific contract.

The information provided on this site is made available to you by Unimobility , with the aim of informing you about a range of products and services that Unimobility offers you.

Unimobility aims at maximum availability of this website, but reserves the right to interrupt access to it without prior warning, in case of risk, fraud, abuse or in order to make changes.


Unimobility cannot be held liable, except in the case of intentional or gross negligence on its part or on the part of its employees:

  • technical difficulties that the visitor may encounter on this website, whatever the cause, including, but not limited to, bugs, viruses, insufficient storage capacity, the visitor's hardware and software configuration, the browser, computer systems and their extensions, whatever their nature, which give access to the Internet and to this website. The adaptation, installation, maintenance, securing and updating of the visitor's hardware and software configurations, as well as the visitor's computer systems and their extensions remain the responsibility of the visitor to this website.
  • for any damage due to higher force, acts of third parties over which Unimobility has no direct control, such as, for example but not exclusively, hyperlinks from other websites that are not under the direct control of Unimobility, which give access to the Unimobility website, or to a website that apparently resembles a Unimobility website.
  • for any damage caused by leaving this website or which occurs after leaving this website, even if the visitor leaves this website via a hyperlink placed on this website.
  • for any direct or indirect damage caused by any information, data and results of automatic processing that may be communicated to the visitor on or via this site, and/or for any direct or indirect damage that the visitor or third parties may suffer as a result of drawing certain conclusions or taking certain actions after having consulted information, data or results of automatic processing communicated on or via this site.
  • damage resulting from errors, whatever their cause, that occur during the automatic processing of data entered by the visitor in the interactive applications, insofar as Unimobility has not developed these interactive applications itself, and clearly mentions this by displaying a logo or other reference.
  • the unlawful access of a third party or the unlawful modification by a third party of the computer system, programming and programming code and software of Unimobility or the visitor, and the direct or indirect damage resulting therefrom.
  • the incomplete, inaccurate or out of date nature of the data entered by the visitor when using the interactive applications.
  • websites, and the practices of websites that are not operated by Unimobility

Intellectual property rights

The content of Unimobility's websites (such as,, the information and informative, interactive and transactional applications contained therein, programs, trademarks and logos are protected by the intellectual property rights of Unimobility, its agents or suppliers. Visitors to these websites must always respect the intellectual property rights and will refrain from violating the legislation in this regard.

For certain elements of these websites, Unimobility uses suppliers that are deemed to be reliable and which provide databases of photos, films or other multimedia applications. The contractual relationship with these parties stipulates that these suppliers must ensure that the applications and services they offer meet all requirements with regard to copyright, intellectual property rights and related rights. As such, Unimobility expects that the photos, films and multimedia applications used or made available to it have come into its possession in a completely legal manner and that it can therefore use them.

However, if you find data, photos, films or multimedia applications on this site that you believe to be harmful to your intellectual property rights, copyright or related rights, we ask you to contact us via the contact details mentioned above.

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The court of Bagnes has exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes concerning this website, the information on this website, the websites and internet pages linked to it as well as their use by the visitor.


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